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It's about this time of year I hear a lot of crap about "goodwill towards men" and "peace on earth", ad nauseum. There was even this dork at school the other day trying to go on about it, but apparently he lost his cue cards. I think I hear Darwin calling. Anyway, it got me thinking. You know what this season means to me? Ten dollars from "dear ol' granmum", some random gift certificates, and sweaters. I swear, if I get one more fdisking sweater (or tube socks), I'm going to literally go insane. If it weren't for holiday discounts, and liberal return policies of questionable ethicality at some stores I know, I'd hate this season completely. And the next person to bring up "spending time with family" gets locked in a room with my parental units and a week's worth of vodka, beer and cigarettes. I'm not kidding.
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